Emergency Procedures

Having a robust set of emergency procedures is a key part of an effective management system. By planning suitably for an incident, companies can put in place effective processes to control incidents when they occur on premises. Effective emergency procedures tie in closely with business continuity plans and enable businesses and sites to control the impact a series of events may have on their organisation.

Emergency planning ensures that a complete structure is in place for emergency management, which includes:

  • Contingencies for dealing with fire
  • Failure of fire systems
  • Loss of mains water supply
  • Water leak
  • Lift entrapment
  • Positive legionella sample result
  • Gas leak
  • Electrical failure
  • Civil disturbance / shooting or knifing incident
  • Environmental spillage
What are the benefits?

The S2 Partnership’s emergency procedures service helps organisations develop robust emergency management processes on a site level. Being prepared for the unexpected
reduces the likelihood and impact of unplanned events, and helps protect people, assets
and reputation, tying in with an organisation’s business continuity plans.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

An experienced consultant will survey the site to review emergency planning arrangements and will produce a set of emergency procedures to include contingencies for dealing with fire, failure of fire systems, loss of mains water supply, water leak, lift entrapment, legionella positive test in water systems, gas, electricity, civil disturbance / shooting or knifing incident, flooding and environmental spill. The report will detail the necessary improvements to enhance resilience in the event of an emergency affecting the site and will identify key measures to be taken in the event of an emergency.

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