Asbestos Project Management – Pre Tender

The pre-tender document is put together following recommendations of the requirement of asbestos remedial works. The information is drawn up by a highly-qualified asbestos consultant and subsequently provided to licensed asbestos removal contractors or competent contractors, depending on the works required. All details relating to site are included in the pre-tender document to ensure that accurate quotations are provided. Following receipt of the quotations, our asbestos consultant will liaise to ensure that each quotation is sent on to the relevant person in order for the remedial works to be completed.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of having the asbestos pre-tender document is that the removal contractors are furnished with all site information that may affect the quotation stage of the remedial works. This information can then be used to provide accurate quotations, to the correct time-scales, ensuring that works are completed to the correct standards.

Guidance from a highly-qualified asbestos consultant ensures appropriate remedial works are undertaken ensuring legislative compliance and protection of the health & safety of personnel.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

Our asbestos pre-tender project management service typically follows-on from recommendations made in an asbestos management system, produced by the S2 Partnership. Where removal or encapsulation of asbestos are the client’s preferred choice, it is necessary to engage appropriately experienced, licensed contractors to carry out the work. Our own role would include:

  • drawing up specifications and tender documentation for asbestos remedial works;
  • briefing selected approved contractors;
  • scrutinising quotations from contractors and ensuring proposals meet asbestos removal safety requirements;
  • making recommendations to the client, as to the suitability of contractors and their proposals;
  • monitoring assessments and method statements of selected contractor to ensure they meet asbestos safety standards ; and
  • liaising with the HSE, if appropriate.

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