Working at Height Risk Assessment

Work at height covers a multitude of issues, such as working on roofs, building façade access, the use of fixed/portable ladders, or the use of scaffolding/mobile elevated work platforms.

Due to its inherent nature, working at height presents an imminent risk of persons sustaining serious injury, or indeed death, in the event that they should fall. It might be assumed that the greater the distance of fall, the greater the risk of serious injury, however, this is not always the case, as other, often less obvious risks may increase the risk of harm or injury, even when falling from a relatively low height. Consideration, therefore, also needs to be given to other risks which might be present, such as:

  • falling onto uneven ground or unstable structures;
  • falling into the path of oncoming vehicles;
  • falling into deep water; and
  • risks to persons below (i.e. should the person working at height fall or drop something from above).

Legislation, most notably the Working at Height Regulations 2005, dictates that employers and/or persons in control of premises fully assess the risks associated with any work at height activities and, based on their findings, implement suitable and sufficient controls in order to adequately manage those risks.

What are the benefits?

A Working at Height assessment undertaken by a highly-qualified and experienced competent person will:

  • identify all hazardous work at height activities undertaken on-site;
  • establish the risks associated with each of the respective work at height activities;
  • make recommendations as to how risks can, where reasonably practicable to do so, be eliminated; and
  • identify appropriate management controls which are required to suitably and sufficiently manage and control any residual risks which cannot otherwise be eliminated.

Robust management of working at height practices reduces the risk of accidents, potential litigation and ensures legal compliance.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The Working at Height Risk Assessment will be undertaken to ensure that standards meet the specific requirements of the Work at Height Regulations.

The assessment will be carried out by our highly-experienced health and safety consultants. A site-specific report will be produced which contains details of the areas examined, risk assessment and actions to be implemented. Actions will be supported with digital photographs, where necessary.  Our consultant will also examine safe working practices, method statements and risk assessments provided by contractors who access these areas.

Please contact us for more information.