Fire Evacuation Drill

A full fire evacuation drill is vital to ensure that building occupants are familiar with the fire evacuation procedures, in the event of a fire. In order to meet legal obligations, fire evacuation drills must be undertaken at least once, but preferably twice, in each twelve month period.

What are the benefits?

A fire evacuation drill tests management procedures, establishing the effectiveness of training and providing practical training whilst also identifying weaknesses in emergency communications procedures and systems. It also helps identify positive and negative reactions of staff with designated responsibilities, assess the reliability of equipment and ensures a full rehearsal of joint action with the fire and rescue service.
A fire evacuation drill is vital to familiarise and prepare all parties for the potential occurrence of a fire, in turn helping to protect lives, property and reputation.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership frequently conducts and oversees fire evacuation drills on behalf of our clients. One of our highly-qualified fire consultants provides a debrief to those with responsibilities and a detailed report on the completed fire evacuation drill, along with recommendations for improvement, where necessary.

We require an engineer or site representative on site during fire evacuation drills in order to operate the alarm.

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