Site Safety Checks

Circumstances change and no matter what precautionary measures or management controls are implemented on any given site or property, new or uncontrolled risks can arise at any time. These new or uncontrolled risks not only increase the chances of persons sustaining injury, but also increase the likelihood of claims for compensation resulting from personal injury being made against you, which in turn could also harm your business reputation, affect your company insurance premiums or in extreme cases, lead to prosecution.

It is essential that regular checks are undertaken so that any new or uncontrolled risks can be quickly identified and appropriate measures put in place to either eliminate or reduce such risks to an acceptable level. The best way to achieve this is to implement a planned regime of site safety inspections, with the findings of those inspections – and any remedial action taken – to be recorded as proof that you have exercised satisfactory due diligence.

What are the benefits?

A well-designed and thought out site-specific safety checklist will:

  • identify all areas of risk;
  • determine what checks need to be carried out to ensure that those risks are suitably and sufficiently controlled;
  • enable you to keep a record of checks undertaken;
  • enable you to record what remedial action(s) you have taken, should any new/uncontrolled risks be identified; and
  • provide evidence that you have exercised satisfactory due diligence in order to demonstrate legal compliance.
How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership’s highly-qualified and experienced consultants design and produce site-specific site safety checklists which will assist you in achieving health & safety legal compliance.

Please contact us for more information.