Traffic Management Audit

Vehicular traffic poses inherent risks to both motorists and pedestrians, particularly where both circulate in close proximity. Some areas, such as service yards or loading bays also present greater risks due to the presence of reversing lorries or the use of fork lift trucks. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that wherever vehicles and/or pedestrians circulate that appropriate controls are in place to prevent vehicles losing control or colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Such controls might include:

  • restricting unauthorised pedestrian access to service yards/loading bays;
  • limiting vehicular speed by signage or other traffic calming measures;
  • providing designated, easily identifiable crossing points at potentially vulnerable points;
  • provision of vehicular/pedestrian separation barriers;
  • provision of adequate lighting; and
  • gritting roads/paths during periods of inclement weather.
What are the benefits?

A traffic survey undertaken by an experienced consultant will assist clients by establishing:

  • all vehicular and shared vehicular/pedestrian circulation routes;
  • average traffic flow rates and/or periods of particular high traffic flow;
  • all potential high-risk areas or issues; and
  • appropriate management controls and recommendations.

Appropriate management of traffic and pedestrians protects the safety of all parties and ensures health and safety legal compliance.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership’s highly-qualified and experienced consultants undertake site-specific traffic surveys and audits designed to help protect the safety of both motorists and pedestrians and to ensure health and safety legal compliance.

One of our consultants will attend site to undertake an assessment of the management of traffic; the assessment will consider concerns with pedestrians as well as traffic on site.  The assessment includes an examination of site safety documentation, a physical inspection of relevant areas, and questioning of site management and other staff where appropriate. The assessment of safety risk is carried out in accordance with the requirements of The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Any particular site issues will be discussed prior to or during the visit to concentrate on specific areas of concern.  A full report of recommendations will be produced.

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