Fire Safety Management Audit

Fire safety management is vital in protecting lives, properties, businesses and the environment. The effects from fire can be devastating and costly, significantly affecting reputation, insurance premiums, business continuity and profitability.

Having access to a team of highly-trained, specialist fire consultants provides our clients with expert advice on a wide range of fire safety issues ensuring legal compliance, business continuity and property and life safety.

What are the benefits?

Being able to call on one of our highly-qualified fire consultants enables our clients to make informed decisions on how best to manage risks from fire and ensure fire safety. Expert fire safety guidance helps ensure legal compliance, reduces the likelihood of enforcement action by the fire service and assists greatly with the protection of lives, properties and reputation.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The Fire Safety Management Audit will be carried out by one of our specialist Fire Safety Consultants. It is designed to review the management processes and physical controls that are in place to control fire safety risks within the property to ensure that they are being managed effectively to control the inherent risk of the property.

The report is not a fire risk assessment and so should not be treated as such. As part of the process, an experienced fire consultant will carry out a site visit of an asset to audit the following:

  • A review of the fire risk assessment to confirm that all actions raised as part of the assessment have been effectively managed to completion. The review will also confirm the scope of the fire risk assessment to identify whether there are any aspects that were omitted for any reason. This review will be carried out alongside a Site Representative.
  • Review of O&M Manuals to confirm details about any cladding, identifying the requirement to carry out further testing if the cladding type is ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), that is under scrutiny currently following the Grenfell Tower disaster.
  • A review of the fire evacuation strategy to confirm that it is in line with the fire risk assessment and that details have been suitably communicated to tenants.
  • Review maintenance documentation to confirm that any fire critical equipment is being maintained in line with the O&M Manuals.

A report of findings will be produced, identifying the specific measures that are required to mitigate risk.

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