Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK1.  Asbestos was extensively used in construction materials up until the late 1990s, and is present in a significant number of buildings.  Its long-term, fatal health-risks are well-documented, yet 4,500 people die each year from past exposure to asbestos fibres, and this figure is expected to rise.

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How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership delivers Asbestos management services which ensure compliance and protect health. Our team of experienced, qualified consultants and surveyors provide asbestos surveys, sampling, management systems and project management to offer a complete asbestos risk management solution.

We also understand the urgency associated with many asbestos projects – and always seek to ensure we’re on site at a time convenient for you.  We frequently oversee asbestos works out of hours and provide emergency advice in the event of asbestos disturbance.

Our asbestos management systems are simple but effective including; policy information, survey reports, asbestos registers, risk assessments, CAD drawings and photographs and management information (such as training records, permit to work, asbestos notice, monitoring and audit records).

Our recommendations are focused on effectively managing asbestos in a building.  Costly removal of asbestos is not always the best solution, and our recommendations will reflect this.  Where asbestos removal or encapsulation is the best option, we offer a full project management service which includes writing specifications, liaising with and helping select contractors and overseeing works.

The S2 Partnership also provides training in asbestos awareness and project management to empower building managers and occupiers in identifying and managing asbestos risks.

The S2 Partnership provides unbiased, professional consultancy advice to protect clients and safeguard the health and safety of individuals.

The S2 Partnership employs asbestos surveyors who qualified to P402 as a minimum (most also hold P405 too). Sample analysis is undertaken by our nominated UKAS accredited laboratory.

What are the benefits of Asbestos Management?

Managing asbestos risks effectively and efficiently ensures peace of mind that legal requirements are being met, and safeguards the health and safety of individuals.  Because of the nature of the health risks posed by asbestos, it’s important that asbestos management is proactive and expertly-informed.

Why S2?

  • Experience. 
  • Innovation.
  • Range of Services.
  • Risk Management Knowledge.
  • Quality of Service.
  • Working in Partnership.
  • European Coverage. 
  • RiskWise.


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Asbestos Re-Inspection Survey
Completing an Asbestos Deterioration Review ensures compliance with the CAR 2012, and provides documentation of any material change, in order to keep the asbestos register up-to-date. read more
Asbestos Management Survey
Undertaking an Asbestos Management Survey ensures correct management of asbestos risks in order to protect the health and safety of all individuals on site – employees, contractors and visitors. read more
Asbestos Refurbishment/Demolition Survey
A refurbishment survey is required under HSG264 when all or part of a property is scheduled for upgrade works. The refurbishment survey is undertaken to identify all asbestos-containing materials present within the proposed areas of work. read more
Asbestos Consultancy
One of our asbestos consultants will attend site or meetings and provide asbestos consultancy and guidance. Consultancy may be tailored to clients' specific requirements. read more
Asbestos Labelling
The S2 Partnership’s asbestos labelling service assists the client in ensuring compliance with CAR 2012, through correct identification and documentation of ACMs on site. read more
Asbestos Project Management - On Site
In the event that an asbestos survey reveals the presence of asbestos and a requirement for its removal or encapsulation by a licensed or competent contractor, the S2 Partnership provides expert project management to ensure the correct execution of subsequent works in line with legislative requirements. read more
Asbestos Project Management - Pre Tender
Our asbestos pre-tender project management service typically follows-on from recommendations made in an asbestos management system, produced by the S2 Partnership. read more
Asbestos Sampling
Our asbestos sampling service assists our clients in ensuring compliance with CAR 2012, through correct identification and documentation of ACMs on-site. read more
Asbestos CADs
Our specialist asbestos consultants will produce CAD drawings to support the asbestos survey findings. read more