Asbestos Labelling

The Control of Asbestos at Work (CAW) Regulations, which were last updated in April 2012 in order to fully implement EU Directive 2009/148/EC, require employers and/or persons in control of premises to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within the workplace and to implement suitable and sufficient management controls. Asbestos labelling provides a means of identifying asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) at source and helps prevent anyone from inadvertently disturbing them.

What are the benefits?

The S2 Partnership’s asbestos labelling service assists the client in ensuring compliance with CAR 2012, through correct identification and documentation of ACMs on site.

Compliance with asbestos regulations ensures the health & safety of all personnel on site including employees, contractors and visitors.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

One of our asbestos consultants will visit the site to place appropriate asbestos warning labels in locations identified in the asbestos survey report in order to ensure that ACMs are easily identifiable, preventing inadvertent contact or disturbance.

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