Flood Risk Assessment

A flood risk assessment is a process that identifies what risk a property or asset is at from flooding. Flooding risks identified include surface water flooding, ground water flooding or from other sources, such as burst river banks or pipes. By analysing environmental records and topographical maps, buildings that are at a risk of flooding can be identified. Measures can then be recommended to mitigate flood damage and procedures made for action to be taken in the event of an emergency flood situation.

Flood risks assessments are not legally required; however there are financial benefits that can be gained in the form of reduced risks, potential costs of flooding and associated insurance premiums. In addition, if a site has chemical or fuel storage that could be released in the event of a flood, the site has an obligation to prevent any uncontrolled releases.

What are the benefits?

Flooding can cause severe damage to properties and assets, which have huge financial implications both in terms of damage caused and insurance premiums.

A flood risk assessment will enable clients to identify properties that are classified as being high risk and ensure that measures are put in place to prevent any damage from flooding, or identify emergency procedures to mitigate flood damage. Implementation of these recommendations and procedures can reduce the impact a flood would have on an asset, and therefore associated costs, as well as potentially reducing insurance premiums.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

An S2 Partnership Environmental Consultant will visit the site to carry out a Property Flood Risk Assessment to establish the main flood risks to the site and present recommendations for mitigating measures to reduce the impact of flooding to the site. The report will be produced based upon site findings as well as a desktop study of flood plain data and other topographical maps. Our report will include digital photographs and recommendations for action, where appropriate.

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