General Health & Safety Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is an examination of what could cause harm to people within a workplace, so that a practical review can be made of any existing precautions to see if they are adequate or if more needs to be done to prevent harm. It is a legal requirement to undertake risk assessments. The law does not require you to eliminate all risks but to ensure that people are protected so far as is ‘reasonably practicable’.

What are the benefits?

Risk assessments help to protect people as well as businesses by identifying and controlling hazards and risk which have the potential to cause harm in order to ensure life safety, legal compliance and protection of reputation.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership’s team of highly-qualified and experienced consultants undertakes hundreds of risk assessments each month to identify the site, task or organisation-specific risks in order to ensure health & safety and legal compliance.

A General Health & Safety Risk Assessment will be undertaken by a highly-qualified and experienced S2 Partnership assessor with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of current health & safety legislation, along with good practice guidelines.

The assessment will include an examination of site safety documentation, a physical inspection of areas under the client’s responsibilities and, where appropriate, discussions with the relevant persons regarding health & safety-related issues. This assessment will be carried out taking into account the principles of OHSAS 18001. A full risk assessment report with digital photographs will be produced, including recommendations for any further action and any relevant monitoring log sheets.

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