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The S2 Partnership Ltd.
14-17 Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridge, CB23 4EY

Phone: +44 (0)1954 267788

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  • Stewart Smith

    Managing Director
    +44 (0)1954 267788
    Stewart, the Managing Director, founded the S2 Partnership in 1999.
  • Andy Smith

    Technical Director
    +44 (0)1954 267788
    Responsible for technical service delivery at the S2 Partnership, Andy's is responsible for the content and delivery of consultancy services provided by S2. Andy also heads up the transition team at S2, ensuring that new services provided to new and existing customers are done so in line with client needs and expectations.
  • Jennifer Eastman

    Business Development Director
    Jennifer is responsible for global new business development, marketing and communications functions across the business.