Property Management Plan – Fire Safety

The Property Management Plan – Fire Safety provides an overview of the fire safety management regime in place within a building. It includes a review of the active and passive fire protection measures provided, together with means to fight fires.

Fire safety in buildings is a balance between the application of technical fire safety and protection systems within the building, and how the building is used and managed with respect to fire safety. It is not possible to rely solely on the fire protection systems in the building. The management team with responsibility for fire safety, need to play an active role.

The main purpose of this plan is:

  • To document in a clear, concise and consistent way, the relevant fire safety management procedures and fire protection systems in place. This meets with a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (and Scottish equivalent, Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006) to document such provisions.
  • To provide a basis for the undertaking of subsequent fire risk assessments.
  • To provide information for any modifications to the building and its occupancy.
What are the benefits?

The Property Management Plan – Fire Safety can be used as a key document for the responsible person to assist them in managing the fire safety aspects of a building during its life span. The document will identify key information on all active and passive fire safety measures and forms part of a clear and effective fire safety management process.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The specialist fire team at the S2 Partnership will attend site to review all areas of fire safety management, to review, consolidate and detail the planning, organisation, control and monitoring of preventative and protective fire safety measures of a premises.

A Property Management Plan – Fire Safety report will be provided, to include detailed recommendations, where required. This document can be used to satisfy elements of the RRO and form part of the fire safety information required under Regulation 38 (Building Regulations, 2010) to provide fire safety information to the ‘responsible person’ at the completion of a project, or where the building or extension is first occupied. This will demonstrate that not only have the relevant preventative and protective measures been put in place but that the ‘responsible’ person understands the importance of those measures and the part played in providing for the safety of the relevant persons.  The document can also be part of the requirement to comply with Article 11 of the Fire Safety Order – Fire safety arrangements.

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