Fire Door Survey

Regular fire door inspection and maintenance (undertaken by a competent person) is essential to ensure regulatory compliance and occupant safety.

What are the benefits?

A fire door survey establishes the condition and suitability of a fire door, whilst also providing context and risk ratings based upon the implications of any failures of doors on the general fire safety of a building.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The Fire Door Survey will be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced S2 Partnership consultant with a knowledge and understanding of current fire legislation and good practice, including BS 8214: 2016, (Code of practice for fire door assemblies). The survey will also include an examination of any available site fire safety documentation that relates to the fire doors on-site and also questioning of site management where appropriate. 

The outcome of the inspection is a detailed report that describes any faults with each door inspected, along with a risk rating so that any works required can be approached on a risk-related basis. The assessor will apply small labels to the hinge side jamb of each door to identify each and these numbers will be referred to within the report.

CAD drawings are not included as standard but should these be required, they can be quoted separately.

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