Noise Assessment

Excessive noise levels increase the risk of persons suffering from short-term symptoms such as headaches, stress or temporary loss of hearing. In more severe cases people may also suffer from burst eardrums, tinnitus or in extreme cases, permanent loss of hearing. The Noise at Work Regulations 2005 therefore requires employers to assess the risks and to implement suitable and sufficient controls to protect persons whilst at work from any such risk. Where noise levels are concerned, the level of risk is calculated in any given circumstance in accordance with a weighted scale based on exposure limits (decibels) or peak sound pressure (also decibels) and the duration of exposure (time).

What are the benefits?

Undertaking noise assessments ensures legal compliance and protects employees and other personnel from noise-related health issues.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership’s highly-qualified and experienced consultants attend site to identify noise levels using specialist monitoring equipment. A report is provided, detailing areas of excessive noise and specifying what actions need to be taken to reduce noise levels and ensure health, safety and legal compliance.

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