Environmental Consultancy

Environmental legislation can be complex and overwhelming – the monitoring and management of environmental impacts requires extensive experience and effort. Consultancy services can help building owners, tenants and site managers understand and manage environmental aspects and assist in decision making on how best to improve environmental performance.

What are the benefits?

Being able to call on a highly-qualified environmental consultant ensures clients can make informed decisions on managing and improving environmental performance, with advice available on a wide range of environmental aspects.

Utilising an environmental expert ensures clients can concentrate on their own businesses, whilst gaining personal advice and support from a professional fully informed on regularly changing industry standards, legal requirements and best practice.

Focussing on environmental performance delivers many business benefits, including: reduced costs, enhanced reputation, improved competitiveness and legislative compliance.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership has over 35 highly skilled safety, fire and environmental consultants – experts on current industry standards and best practice – offering bespoke advice to clients.

Environmental consultancy may include: developing and offering advice on efficiency-improving projects including new technologies, auditing and maintaining environmental management systems including assistance in achieving ISO 14001, waste management advice, and general advice and support.

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