Our Community

From small beginnings, S2 has grown organically and we have a strong ethos of integrity in business and sustaining the environment around us.  This is reflected in our commitment to supporting charities and ‘giving back’ to the local community.

S2 recognise that we can drive positive change for employees, customers and communities with which we are connected. Our team of very valued staff are important to us, as is their own wellbeing.

S2 and its staff have always played a proactive role in supporting the community. In addition to regularly participating in national fundraising events and local community activities, each year our staff nominate a charity to become our ‘Charity of the Year’.

Continuing its work in supporting the community and the wider environment, the S2 Partnership is delighted to announce its Charities of the Year 2018-2019; Marine Conservation Society and Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK’s ongoing pioneering research into beating cancer, has the aim of making sure that one day everyone will be able to overcome cancer.  CRUK state that “Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.  Our ambition is to accelerate progress and see three-quarters of people surviving the disease within the next 20 years.

The Marine Conservation Society is campaigning for a plastic-free society, and to bring about a change in mindset away from a ‘throwaway society’, which has the effect of our oceans are becoming choked with rubbish.  The MCS reports that ‘by 2050 we could have more plastic than fish (by weight) in the sea’.  Continued research is highlighting that it is not just the plastics themselves which are being ingested and killing marine life, but also the toxins associated with man-made chemicals/plastics which are carcinogenic and are entering the food chain.