Baseline Sustainability Audit

A sustainability audit identifies potential & actual impacts that a property or site can have on the environment and assesses how they are currently being controlled. It identifies current control measures and identifies areas where further action is required. Assessing environmental performance forms a key part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) and can identify any legislative non-compliance. Buildings have an obligation to understand the environmental aspects that their activities can have on the local and wider environment and how they need to be controlled.

What are the benefits?

Sustainability audits identify areas where a building is non-compliant with current legislation or environmental standards. It can also be used to identify efficiency gains and therefore save money. Assessing a building or site’s environmental impacts can also play a key role in gaining accreditations for Environmental Management Systems, such as ISO 14001. It also allows buildings to benchmark their performance against industry standards and other buildings.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

One of our experienced environmental consultants will visit site to identify and assess environmental aspects & impacts. Aspects include: utility consumption, waste management, transportation, Statutory Nuisance etc.
Our consultant will produce a sustainability assessment report to identify areas for improvement and potential efficiency gains.

Please contact us for more information.