Asbestos Project Management – On Site

In the event that an asbestos survey reveals the presence of asbestos and a requirement for its removal or encapsulation by a licensed or competent contractor, the S2 Partnership provides expert project management to ensure the correct execution of subsequent works in line with legislative requirements.

The S2 Partnership’s highly-trained and experienced consultants provide on-site project management to our clients, keeping them informed about the progress of the works undertaken and providing reassurance and advice throughout.  Our designated project manager will ensure that all works undertaken on- site are completed safely and competently.  On completion of the works, the project manager updates and reviews the asbestos register, taking into account the remediation works carried out.

What are the benefits?

Our clients benefit from having a dedicated, highly- trained and experienced project manager overseeing the remediation works, knowing they will be completed safely, competently and ensuring legal compliance. Throughout the process, clients are advised and updated by our project manager, as and when required.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

Where asbestos removal or encapsulation works are due to be undertaken, the S2 Partnership’s specialist asbestos consultants can assist in overseeing the safety of works undertaken on-site, reviewing and updating the asbestos management manual and asbestos register, and taking into account remedial works.

The S2 Partnership’s highly-experienced consultants provide reassurance, information and advice to site/property managers and tenants throughout.

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