S2 simplifies data sharing between managing agent and investor clients’ RiskWise systems

7th September 2020

S2’s in-house software experts have designed and built a beta version of RiskWise to RiskWise.

This major new feature will allow users to seamlessly share information between two RiskWise systems and access live data on the properties they interact with. Information is kept up to date in both linked systems by editing data at either end of the link.

This significantly improves efficiency where both the managing agent and investor clients utilise RiskWise. Users with the appropriate permissions can now log in to their own RiskWise system and securely access real time data from across multiple linked systems.

Data can now be transferred from the Risk and Compliance Management, Environmental Management, and Business Continuity Management modules.

Additional reporting is also available, allowing users to review their current position, not just from the perspective of their system, but also from the viewpoint of the linked system.

Please look out for further details, coming soon