Social Distancing and Workplaces after 4th July

24th June 2020

On 23rd June, the Government announced guidance relating to new social distancing measures, which will apply from 4th July to specific workplaces including pubs, restaurants and hotels. For many workplaces, the Government guidance states that from 4th July, businesses should maintain 2 metre distancing wherever possible and that 1m distancing measures should only be implemented if there are additional control measures in place.

S2 Partnership regularly review our templates to ensure they are in line with Government guidance and make any necessary changes to our risk assessment templates. 

The guidance announced yesterday applies from 4th July – until then, the existing restrictions will remain in place. This guidance covers England only. People in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should follow the specific rules in those parts of the UK.

S2 Partnership have launched a series of COVID-19 services to help occupiers and Managing Agents / Property Companies safely re-occupy their premises.