European Week for Waste Reduction: 17th November – 25th November 2018

16th November 2018

The thematic emphasis of this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) 2018 is hazardous waste – be it explosive, flammable or toxic. It poses a greater risk to our health and our environment when compared to other types of waste, and it is, therefore, essential to prevent it and reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is being disposed of.

The European Week for Waste Reduction is an annual initiative aimed at promoting the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week. It encourages a wide range of audiences to get involved. EWWR provides a number of case studies and factsheets which showcase effective waste management and waste reduction. To view the EWWR website and to find out more about this initiative, please click here.

It is estimated that 10 million tonnes of hazardous waste are generated in the EU per year.1 The actions encouraged by EWWR are to address, as much as possible, the strategy of the ‘3Rs’: reduce waste, reuse products, recycle material, representing the options which should be considered first when developing a waste management strategy.

If you’re looking for an easy way to track and reduce waste, the RiskWise Environmental Management module assists organisations in identifying, managing and reducing environmental impacts including energy and water consumption and waste management. The module records and reports on all the individual waste streams across your properties, enabling you to instantly identify changes in waste levels and trends to focus effective waste reduction efforts. For further information or to book a demonstration please contact our specialist team.

1 Source: Prevention of Hazardous Waste in Europe – the status in 2015. EEA