Robust Fire Safety Risk Management Using RiskWise

27th January 2020

Identifying and responding to fire safety risks in buildings has come under even greater scrutiny since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Following the publication of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Report, on 30 October 2019, several key recommendations were identified, aimed at those who own and manage properties.

Now, more than ever, building occupants are demanding a higher level of confidence that buildings are safe environments to live and work in. 

Accurately capture and analyse fire safety risk data

It is vital that owner-investors have systems in place to track fire safety risk data in one central, secure location. Property risk management systems, such as RiskWise, can simplify the collation and tracking of fire safety information.

As recommended in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, owners and managers are to provide their local fire and rescue services with up-to-date building plans, in both paper and electronic form, identifying the location of key fire safety systems. Although the sharing of such data is currently a recommendation, rather than mandatory, it would be prudent for owners and managers to now consider how they would gather and provide access to this information.

Fire-related documentation can be stored electronically on RiskWise. Once such data has been captured and analysed in RiskWise – and any at-risk assets identified – data can then be easily shared with relevant parties, such as property owners, managers, funds or occupiers.

Further help provided by the S2 Partnership

The S2 Partnership has a dedicated team of fire safety experts, providing fire risk assessments, training, guidance and fire safety risk management systems to a range of organisations. S2 works with clients to develop robust fire safety solutions, providing just the right support to each individual organisation to protect lives, buildings and businesses.  RiskWise functionality is developed to address clients’ requirements and ongoing changes to legislation and best practice.

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