Fire Safety Management Audit – New Service launched by S2 Partnership

21st May 2019

The S2 Partnership is pleased to announce the introduction of a new service. Launched in response to clients’ requirements for even greater visibility of any potential fire safety issues within their real estate portfolio, S2’s in-house fire experts have developed an in-depth Fire Safety Management Audit to help clients clarify and address concerns about fire risk and how to mitigate it.

Fire safety is of paramount importance to building owners and can be safeguarded if the correct management processes and physical controls are in place to ensure a harmonised approach from all stakeholders.  A Fire Safety Management Audit is designed to highlight any gaps and measure performance against existing benchmarks, by reviewing the management processes and physical controls that are in place.  Such audits ensure that effective planning and organisation control is embedded in management processes to successfully monitor and review preventive and protective measures to ensure fire safety.

Fire Safety Management Audits are carried out by specialist fire safety consultants.  As part of the process, a fire consultant will review the Fire Risk Assessment; the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals to confirm details about cladding and any necessity for further testing; the Fire Evacuation Strategy, and the maintenance documentation to confirm that any fire critical equipment is being maintained. The review consolidates the planning, organisation, control and monitoring of fire safety measures of a premises, and always takes the individual nature of each building into consideration.

Building occupants demand a high level of confidence that buildings are safe environments, and a Fire Safety Management Audit will help to ensure that owner/investor clients are well positioned to make informed decisions regarding how best to manage risks from fire, helping to ensure fire safety for the protection of lives, properties, reputation and for legal compliance.

The outcome of the audit will be a comprehensive report of the findings, which will identify where legislative duties are not currently being met and any specific measures that can be implemented to mitigate associated risk. S2’s market-leading online property risk management system, RiskWise, can be used to log results from Fire Safety Management Audits, which facilitates the processing and monitoring of the outputs from an audit including scoring and identifying buildings which may be considered higher risk for immediate attention.

Furthermore, the audit can prove to be a cost-saving exercise, as it will bring to light any duplication of work or inefficiencies within management systems.

As a partner of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service within the Primary Authority Register, S2 ensures that it continues to deliver informed, effective and innovative support to clients.

For further advice or guidance on fire regulation issues, please contact our specialist fire safety team.