The S2 Partnership delivers risk management solutions to a range of client sectors.

Managing Agents

The S2 Partnership works with over 30 regional, national and international property managing agents to manage and reduce risk, protecting lives, assets and business reputation and ensuring compliance.  Working with Site Managers, the S2 Partnership delivers risk assessments and advice across all disciplines through to working with regional, national and international teams to implement risk management systems and strategies.

Many Managing Agent clients also use the S2 Partnership’s risk management software RiskWise alongside to bring together all properties and all areas of risk management into one, easy-to-manage system – perfect for providing portfolio-wide risk management visibility and control.

Property Owners & Investors

For many years, property owners and investors have sought the S2 Partnership’s independent expertise to provide valuable risk management auditing and competent support across portfolios in order to ensure asset protection, business continuity, improved asset value and protection of reputation.

The RiskWise risk management software has typically been used to provide complete risk management visibility, contractor and supplier performance management and comprehensive property documentation and audit trails in the event of asset acquisition and disposal.

Property Occupiers & Tenants

The S2 Partnership works with property occupiers ranging from office tenants to industrial and high risk – all with the same focus to ensuring legal compliance, life & property protection and business continuity.  From water hygiene risk assessments to task-specific assessments, fire warden training, fire evacuation drills and emergency planning, our guidance is commercially-aware and straight-talking with an expert always on hand to help you.

The RiskWise system is used by property occupiers and tenants to manage documentation, training records and risk assessments required for legal compliance and risk protection.

Property Insurers

The S2 Partnership’s auditing team provide insurance risk management auditing services to ensure asset protection against loss, damage or destruction, improved visibility of risk and reassurance of risk resolution, reduced claims and improved returns.  Typically, RiskWise has been used to offer the insurer a real-time view of the risk management status of any property, portfolio or region.

It doesn’t end there – every day we’re delivering risk management solutions in the UK, Europe and beyond across a range of properties; commercial, residential, mixed-use even schools, new-builds, listed buildings and everything in between.

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