JLT & the S2 Partnership: Leading the Way in Real Estate Risk Management

About the S2 Partnership

The S2 Partnership has been working with clients worldwide since 1999 to manage and reduce risk.  With services ranging from auditing, consultancy and training to risk management software, the S2 Partnership holds a strong reputation for providing a high-quality, bespoke and practical service.

With a team of 40 consultants, the S2 Partnership is strategically placed to provide specialist Health & Safety, Fire and Environmental risk management services to manage and reduce risk and ensure legal compliance, life and property protection and business continuity.

About JLT

JLT Specialty Limited’s (JLT) Real Estate practice is one of the UK’s leading Real Estate insurance brokers. Whether you are funding, developing, buying, selling, building, holding or managing property portfolios, we recognise your unique insurance needs, understand the risks you face and the important aspects of the service you require. Click here for further information.

What are the benefits of working together?

Working together for over 9 years, JLT and the S2 Partnership lead the way in real-estate risk management. As specialist service providers in investment property risk management, we understand the importance of asset protection and business continuity to our clients, and we work together to manage and reduce risk and its consequences. It’s proven that securing a more joined-up approach to risk management brings benefits to all parties, and provides a more prowerful solution to asset protection and business continuity.

What next?

Please take a look around our website for a full description of our products and services. If you would like further information, click here to contact Jennifer Eastman or call +44 (0)1954 267788.