COVID-19 Workplace Self-Assessment for Occupiers

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that has had a significant impact on the global and national economy. As part of the safe remobilising of workplaces, it is important that risk assessments are completed to ensure appropriate control measures are in place to minimise risk.

Controlling the transmission and spread of COVID-19 is a key social and reputational risk and it is important that appropriate measures are put in place to reduce the likelihood of spread.

Recent Government guidance has stipulated that workplaces must complete a risk assessment for COVID-19, showing that controls have been implemented to manage the risks within the workplace.

RiskWise is the S2 Partnership’s real-time, online property risk management system, helping users to improve risk management performance in their offices and buildings. RiskWise utilises user-friendly templates, allowing users to carry out inspections and audits easily and efficiently. The S2 Partnership has produced a COVID-19 risk assessment template for Occupiers, which can be completed on RiskWise by site representative and includes the following considerations:

  • Illness Control
  • Clinically Vulnerable Employees
  • Travel to Work
  • Access Arrangements
  • Car Parks and Vehicle Access Areas
  • Equipment & Maintenance
  • Social Distancing Measures
  • Contractor Management
  • Co-operation & Co-ordination
  • Signage & Communication
  • Cleaning Regimes
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures

On completion of the stages outlined below, the COVID-19 Workplace
Self-Assessment template will provide the following:

  • A risk assessment document, considering the above factors and identifying any areas for concern relating to the measures that are currently in place
  • Action summary created, based on the responses provided to help highlight issues identified.

The service will identify considerations and review whether the current measures in place within the workplace control the risks associated with COVID-19 on employees and members of the public.

RiskWise allows users to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment by following the steps outlined below, which will produce a risk assessment document with relevant actions.


Click on the form which best describes your business;
select from the following 3 options:

  • COVID-19 Workplace Self-Assessment – Offices
  • COVID-19 Workplace Self-Assessment – Retail
  • COVID-19 Workplace Self-Assessment – Industrial


Work through the user-friendly risk assessment template, providing responses to the considerations.


On completion of the risk assessment template, a PDF report is automatically generated to summarise the key factors considered, along with comments and any additional information.


An action summary is included, based on the responses provided, to highlight any issues identified.


On successful completion of the self-assessment, a poster confirming compliance with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 can be seen on the reverse of the PDF. Once printed, this can be manually populated and displayed.

View the RiskWise App technical information.

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