CDM Client Advisor

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, require Clients to ensure suitable arrangements for managing their project are in place to enable those carrying it out to manage health and safety risks in a proportionate way. These arrangements include:

  • Appointing the contractors and designers to the project (including the principal designer and principal contractor on projects involving more than one contractor) while making sure they have the skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability
  • Allowing sufficient time and resources for each stage of the project
  • Making sure that any principal designer and principal contractor appointed
    carry out their duties in managing the project
  • Making sure suitable welfare facilities are provided for the duration of the
    construction work
  • Maintain and review the management arrangements for the duration of the
  • Provide pre-construction information to every designer and contractor either
    bidding for the work or already appointed to the project;
  • Ensure that the principal contractor or contractor (for single contractor projects)
    prepares a construction phase plan before that phase begins;
  • Ensure that the principal designer prepares a health and safety file for the project
    and that it is revised as necessary and made available to anyone who needs it for
    subsequent work at the site;
  • Notify the HSE in writing of any projects that fall within the criteria of notification.

Since the change to CDM in 2015, Clients have a more defined role, and S2 is able to
provide ongoing support and guidance to the Client in meeting these objectives.

What are the benefits?

Since the change to CDM in 2015, the “Client” now has a more specified role and far greater obligations. Whatever the project size, the commercial Client has contractual control, appoints designers and contractors, and determines the money, time and other resources for the project.

We appreciate that many of our clients are often defined as a ‘Client’ within the CDM process and, therefore, understand the importance that suitable advice is sought in order to meet these obligations.

The S2 Partnership can support clients in ensuring that they meet their obligations as the Client in line with the amended Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – helping ensure compliance
throughout the process.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership is able to provide CDM Advisor support including:

  • Working with the Client in the early phase of a project to advise them of
    Duty Holder requirements – both as a Client and for other Duty Holders within
    the construction process;
  • Provide advice on what suitable arrangements need to be in place for specific
    projects (Client’s Brief);
  • Assist the Client in notifying projects to the HSE if and when required (specific
    Client duty under CDM 2015);
  • Advise Client on other Duty Holders’ competency or now SKE (‘skills,
    knowledge & experience’);
  • Advise on standards of HS & E compliance for Client to decide and assisting
    them in disseminating these standards throughout the construction process
  • Assist the Client in compiling relevant pre-construction information (PCI) and
    provide to other Duty Holders Advise Client and assist Principal Designer &
    Principal Contractor with production Construction Phase Plan.
  • Advise on appropriate welfare to be provided and by whom
  • Provide advice regarding the removal of any Asbestos containing materials (ACMs)
    prior to the works
  • Advise on methods of control and communications to ensure Duty Holders are carrying
    out their duties.
  • Advise on monitoring regimes during construction programme
  • Advise on content of Project-specific Health & Safety Files.

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