Phase 1 Desk Study

A Phase 1 preliminary environmental report comprises a preliminary investigation into environmental liabilities associated with a site. A phase 1 investigation is typically commissioned prior to acquisition or development of land. The desk study assessment includes the underlying land, groundwater and structures and covers geology/hydrology of the site, abstraction licences, discharge consents, indicative floodplains, integrated pollution controls, historical land use, etc.

What are the benefits?

A Phase 1 investigation will provide a qualitative risk assessment for a site based on a conceptual model that is derived from a review of the available information. This report can be used to define any additional site investigation work that may include intrusive techniques and sample analysis.

A Phase 1 desktop study identifies all environmental liabilities associated with a site ahead of acquisition or development.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

One of our highly-trained and experienced environmental consultants will carry out a desktop study of a specific site or area including a visual examination of the land – a ‘walk over’ survey – to assess the presence of surface soil contamination, chemical residues, asbestos-containing materials and chemicals stored on site.

A documentation review will be undertaken that includes the following:

  • geology/hydrology of site;
  • surface waters;
  • abstraction licences;
  • discharge consents;
  • indicative floodplains;
  • integrated pollution controls;
  • pollution incidents;
  • registered radioactive substances;
  • waste management history/facilities;
  • trade directory entries;
  • historical land use;
  • potential sources of contamination;
  • potential environmental pathways;
  • human health pathways; and
  • receptors.

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