BMO Real Estate Partners focus on compliance and performance with the S2 Partnership and RiskWise

BMO Real Estate Partners, a leading UK-owned international real estate manager with a global portfolio of circa £7.3 billion under management appointed the S2 Partnership in 2011 to provide risk management services and software to their managed portfolio. In looking for a ‘best of breed’ partner, BMO Real Estate Partners embarked on a rigorous selection process involving the evaluation of a panel of eight suppliers encompassing a detailed cost-benefit and value-add analysis, and a search for a supplier with a difference. Selected for their innovative approach and marketleading risk management solution – S2 are appointed to provide consultancy services and software to ensure compliance, objectiveness and focussed risk management to assist BMO Real Estate Partners in discharging their H&S duties in respect of their commercial property investment operations

“We selected S2 because of their innovative approach to risk management. RiskWise is a significant part of this. S2 ’s experience and integrity is essential – we appreciate their dedication, focus and objectivity.”

– Andy Szyman, Head of Property Management & Sustainability, BMO Real Estate Partners

For BMO Real Estate Partners, with a property portfolio spanning the UK and beyond, risk management is a significant task and a key responsibility. Working in close partnership with S2 across the UK commercial property portfolio allows for a methodical and robust process for fulfilling operational health & safety obligations and performance as part of an overall responsible investment strategy.

Providing general health & safety risk assessments and related advice to BMO Real Estate Partners across their entire managed UK portfolio, S2 make a key contribution to BMO Real Estate Partners maintaining its reputation as a responsible investment manager. BMO Real Estate Partners’s strategic risk management direction is developed jointly with S2 informing site-level activity focussed on compliance and risk management. A valued part of the S2 risk management process for BMO Real Estate Partners is the availability of real-time reports – detailing critical statistics and risk management actions for the month – providing simplicity and clarity to the extensive risk management operation.

“S2 Consultants are helpful, knowledgeable and technically astute – S2 provide valuable clarity and objectiveness to our risk management strategy”

– Andy Szyman, Head of Property Management & Sustainability, BMO Real Estate Partners