COVID-19: Legal Risk Assessment Requirement to be Removed

2nd March 2022

Currently, there are still specific COVID-19 risk assessment requirements for employers outlined by Government regulations. These requirements are necessary to identify the controls needed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread within an employer’s workplace.  

In the Government’s ‘Living with COVID’ publication issued on 21st February 2022, which defined the roadmap for the UK’s policies regarding COVID-19, the requirements of an employer no longer included the need to carry out a specific COVID-19 risk assessment – unless the business specifically works with COVID, such as laboratories handling the virus. This change to requirements will take effect from April 1st ­­2022.

The details of this decision are outlined in the “Living with COVID” document and are intended to empower businesses to take responsibility for mitigations to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  On April 1st, the present guidance on Working Safely set out by the Government will be replaced ​by new public health guidance.

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