COVID-19 Risk Assessments

14th May 2020

S2 announces the launch of a series of services to help clients manage the transmission risk of COVID-19.

Following the Government’s updated guidance on the relaxing of some restrictions, which focuses primarily on the need for a COVID-19 specific risk assessment, S2 has developed a self-assessment template that will allow responsible persons to complete via RiskWise.  The self-assessment template will be free of charge to RiskWise subscribers. 

COVID-19 Self-Assessment for Landlords

The S2 Partnership’s self-assessment template allows those with management responsibility to carry out a risk assessment of the buildings and areas that they are responsible for. This provides the duty holder with a list of actions that will be required in order to manage the transmission risk of COVID-19. For RiskWise subscribers, this automatically uploads the actions to RiskWise, so that they can be managed transparently through the system.

COVID-19 Workplace Self-Assessment for Occupiers

Our new application-based service is user-friendly and will efficiently help occupiers comply with Government guidance that currently requires a specific workplace COVID-19 risk assessment. The self-assessment template identifies the key considerations for the safe re-occupation of a workplace. A report will be published (based upon information inputted by the user) that identifies measures currently in place together with any potential risk areas that require further mitigation measures. This service is available via our cloud hosted RiskWise platform and is supported with online easy to follow user guidance

COVID-19 On-Site Risk Assessment

Our team of specialist consultants are able to carry out on-site COVID-19 risk assessments for both landlord controlled and occupied areas, as required.

If you would like further information on either of these services, please contact our team.