Fire Warden training: When is refresher training needed?

28th January 2020

S2 Partnership’s fire safety experts are often asked to clarify how frequently Fire Warden/Fire Marshal refresher training is required.  The fact is, there is no definitive answer.

Fire Warden/Fire Marshal training should take into account the findings of the fire risk assessment.  There is a duty on the ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure that employees are familiar with the fire evacuation arrangements and fire risks. This, generally, occurs through induction training of new employees and participation in the routine fire evacuation drills, which are usually at six-monthly intervals for office and retail premises. Training is also necessary:

  • When staff are transferred into the premises
  • When changes have been made to the emergency plan and the preventive and protective measures
  • Where working practices and processes or people’s responsibilities change
  • To take account of any changed risks to the safety of staff or other relevant persons.

Fire Warden/Fire Marshal training does not automatically expire after a specific time period – training frequency is dependent upon several factors, including:

  • The risk of fire at the premises
  • Findings of fire risk assessment
  • Level of staff turnover
  • Changes to the business
  • How often the Fire Warden actually uses the training.

As a rule of thumb, S2’s recommendation is that Fire Warden/Fire Marshal refresher training should be undertaken a minimum of every three years, although refresher training may be required more frequently, i.e. when there is reason to believe the training is no longer meeting the employer’s needs.

S2 Partnership’s half-day Fire Warden/Fire Marshal training is delivered by in-house, qualified practitioners, who are experts in their field. This provides a unique real-life angle and genuine ‘applied’ training to equip attendees with real skills.  By delivering bespoke courses by trained practitioners with significant site experience, we can assist attendees with real-life examples relating to their specific business concerns.

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