Latest Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics Show Decrease in Fatalities for 2018/19

29th August 2019

Latest figures released about incidents attended by the fire and rescue service (FRS) in England for 2018/19, show that overall there was a 2% increase in the number of incidents attended, as well as a 9% increase in the number of fires compared with the previous year.  However, the report also highlighted a 25% decrease in the number of deaths caused as a result of fire in the last 12 months. Data is sourced from the Home Office’s online Incident Recording System (IRS) and includes statistics on all incidents, fire-related fatalities and casualties from fire.

Details from the report

The statistics also show a 1% decrease in the number of primary fires (serious fires which cause harm to people or property), which represents a steady downward trend in the number of primary fires from 10 years ago – down by almost a third. The percentage of outdoor secondary fires increased by 25%, and this has been linked to the hot dry summer in 2018.

The report also makes specific reference to the Grenfell Tower fire, based on information provided by London Fire Brigade. The report highlighted that the figure for fire-related fatalities from the previous year had been impacted by the fatalities resulting from the fire at Grenfell Tower.

Of the 29,570 primary dwelling fires attended by fire and rescue services, 74% were in houses, bungalows, converted flats and other properties, and 26% were in purpose-built flats. Furthermore, fire and rescue services attended 820 fires in purpose-built high-rise (10+ storeys) flats, compared with 800 the previous year.

Although there has been a decrease in fatalities, there has been an increase in the number of fires, highlighting the importance of fire safety management in all buildings.

Firefighters approach burning building with hose pipe

Review the full report from the Home Office.

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