New F-Gas Register Now In Use on RiskWise

28th June 2019

New functionality launched earlier this year within RiskWise’s environmental management module is now being used by clients to demonstrate and ensure their compliance with EU and UK fluorinated gas regulations.   

RiskWise clients are using the new F-Gas Register to record data associated with F-Gas related assets, categorised by installation, planned service and reactive maintenance.  In addition, the Gas Type, Gas R Number and global warming potential (GWP) are stored alongside the gas added, which allows for CO2 equivalents to be automatically calculated. This information can be used for identifying maintenance requirements. 

RiskWise is also being used to help highlight any system leaks – an essential tool for emissions reporting.  The system can provide email escalations to notify individuals when a follow-up check needs to take place.  If equipment is regularly leaking, trends will be highlighted – underlining where allocation of capital is required for replacing equipment.

Once the data has been captured, Dashboard reports can provide a range of charts to report on F-Gas information including ‘Total Amount of F-Gas added’ and ‘Total amount of CO2 added’ to improve visibility across individual assets, properties or entire portfolios.

About RiskWise

RiskWise, is the market-leading online property risk management solution from S2 Partnership, used by clients globally to manage property risks, reduce risk liability and ensure compliance.

For further information on how S2 Partnership and RiskWise can help manage your compliance issues with regard to F-Gas, and other environmental responsibilities – or to book a demonstration – please contact us.