Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting Framework (SECR) for UK Business

12th April 2019

From April 1st this year, all ‘large’ UK-registered companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are required to publicly report on their energy use, carbon emissions and energy efficiency actions.  These changes form part of a government mission – known as Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) – to ‘streamline’ corporate reporting requirements and boost business energy efficiency.

This new UK legislation will help ensure that more businesses take in to account and report on their energy usage, whilst considering different ways in which they can improve their energy efficiency.

SECR is, in effect, an extension of Mandatory Greenhouse Gas (MGHG) reporting. It is an annual reporting requirement for organisations to disclose their energy consumption and carbon emissions relating to their use of electricity, gas and transport.  Investors, shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly requesting better environmental disclosures in annual reports and accounts.

Businesses required to provide information on their UK energy use will need to commence gathering their data now, ahead of first submissions in April 2020.

For more information on SECR, please click here.  To view the government’s detailed Environmental Reporting Guidelines, please click here.

S2 Partnership’s team of specialist environmental consultants work with clients to manage environmental priorities and meet legislative requirements. Working with clients to develop practical solutions and cost-saving opportunities through the use of S2’s risk management platform, RiskWise and environmental audits, the focus is on driving continuous improvements by reviewing and applying emerging technologies.

For further information on how S2 Partnership and RiskWise can help manage your environmental responsibilities or to book a demonstration, please contact our environmental team.