S2 Partnership Publishes Thought Piece on Performance Targets for GRESB 2018 Insights Series

20th December 2018

S2 Partnership’s Environmental Consultant, Sam Benson has recently written a thought piece for publication by GRESB for their members. The article focuses on achieving successful strategic portfolio risk management through effective performance target setting.  The ability to set meaningful targets is largely dependent on the availability of high quality data to guide organisations into making informed decisions and thus precipitate their desired changes and goals.

The use of intelligent risk and data management systems (DMS), such as RiskWise, can help to alleviate some of the administrative burden of risk and data analysis at the portfolio level – allowing useful targets to be implemented which are appropriate at this level – for example when setting objectives to achieve a 5-star GRESB rating.

This article demonstrates the importance of identifying where risk exists within a portfolio, to ensure that any necessary corrective action is implemented.  Moreover, the ability to analyse data across various asset types (eg from retail and business parks to larger commercial offices spaces) will allow common themes to be identified.  This allows for strategic portfolio target setting, which can be made relevant to a particular asset type.

As a GRESB Premier Partner, the S2 Partnership works with clients worldwide, implementing RiskWise and undertaking risk assessments and providing environmental support and consultancy. Thus assisting organisations with portfolio risk management to help meet GRESB objectives, and driving continued environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance improvements. To find out how RiskWise can help your organisation, please contact us.