Building Safety Programme – Monthly Data Release

6th November 2018

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has recently published its most up-to-date data regarding building safety, ‘Building Safety Programme: Monthly Data Release’.  This ongoing commitment by the government to report on the progress of remediation work in buildings with unsafe cladding systems has been established since the fire at Grenfell Tower, with the aim of ensuring that all residents/occupants of high-rise buildings are safe and feel safe from the risk of fire.

The latest data presents extensive evidence of the number of buildings with Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding which are unlikely to meet current British regulations, as well as progress on remediation work, within the different sectors.

Within the private sector, of the 291 buildings affected, remediation work is now complete for 17 buildings (including building control sign-off) – an increase of 7 buildings since 14th  September. A further 21 buildings have started remediation (a fall of 5 since 14th  September) and an additional 92 buildings have plans in place for remediation – a total of 130 private sector high-rise buildings with remediation plans in place.  There are a further 40 buildings where building owners are developing plans and a remaining 121 buildings where plans for remediation remain unclear – this final figure has dropped from over 200 in June.

Owners of the current stock of buildings that still have ACM cladding systems are currently not being named, however, there is a danger of reputational damage to any organisations within the real estate sector where this work is not carried out promptly.

The specialist fire team at the S2 Partnership can attend site to review all areas of fire safety management.  The review consolidates the planning, organisation, control and monitoring of preventative and protective fire safety measures of a premises, and always takes into account the individual nature of each building.

For further advice or guidance on fire regulation issues, please contact our specialist fire safety team