S2 releases article on Safety, Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment, published by GRESB

5th November 2018

The S2 Partnership has published an article on the GRESB Insights website, regarding the importance of safety in buildings in contributing to overall health and wellbeing for building occupants.

Within the UK, recent tragic events have brought safety firmly into the public’s focus – predominantly regarding fire safety, but also other aspects. Occupiers of buildings are now far more aware of elements of the building, such as construction materials or fire evacuation strategies, and the impact that these can have on their working or living environment. Having reassurance that these elements are being effectively managed, can be seen as a key factor to how safe people feel within buildings.

The article discusses the importance of ensuring that all aspects of physical safety and health are included in the overall management of a building. Assessing the physical condition and safety status of a building yields rich data which will directly help prevent risk of physical injury or damage to health as well as influencing occupant perceptions on their safety and wellbeing.  There is an increasing appetite among building owners to accumulate this type of data and improve their visibility of safety concerns within their portfolio. Data management systems such as RiskWise, S2’s market-leading risk management software, allow for data to be collated and relevant reports to be produced, which prove invaluable for advising building owners and investors on where best to implement changes that result in positive and cost-effective improvements for the health and wellbeing of their occupants.

These approaches to best-practice safety risk management can have the added benefit of helping to improve tenant engagement in the process of risk improvement, helping change behaviours within the building to bring about a jointly more safe and healthy environment, and a more desirable location to inhabit.

To view the whole article, please visit the GRESB website.  S2 Partnership is proud to be a GRESB Premier Partner, view our profile on the GRESB website under the Partner Directory.