Expert Witness Reports Published for Grenfell Tower Inquiry

19th June 2018

The first expert witness reports have just been published, marking the start of the next phase of the inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower.

These reports look at how and where the fire started. They include studies into: how the fire spread and examining the contribution of the recently installed cladding and insulation to the spread of the fire; the building’s own fire protection measures and the safety regulations in place at the time of the tragedy.

Several other issues were highlighted in the reports, such as a “number of non-compliances” in relation to fire safety. Key points from the reports include:

  • 72 people were killed in the fire
  • Combustibles and gaps around windows have been identified as a contributing factor in enabling the spread of the fire
  • The cladding system did not comply with building regulations
  • When the fire was first reported at 00:54 BST, residents were initially given advice to ‘stay put’ inside the building; however, the speed of the fire spread led to ‘total failure of stay-put policy’.

Further expert witness reports will be produced and published on the Inquiry website, once they have been presented at hearings.

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