The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) has launched a consultation on its new draft Corporate Plan for the 2018-2023 period.

23rd April 2018

HSENI has set out its mission ‘to work with others to reduce serious work-related injury and ill health’.  HSENI will focus on preventing the most serious workplace health and safety issues in high risk industries and activities.

Over recent years, HSENI has also been increasing its focus on occupational health issues. Given the potential short and long-term costs to workers and to the economy from ill-health at work, this new draft Plan highlights this important area, which is devastating many lives and has huge cost implications for the Northern Ireland economy every year.

Launching the 12-week consultation, Chief Executive of HSENI, Keith Morrison said: “Improving health and safety standards is about all of us working together – HSENI, employers, employees and other partners – to reduce work-related serious injury and ill health. We very much see this document as a shared Corporate Plan and shared targets for industry and HSENI to aspire to.”

In addition, this draft Plan focuses on a sector based approach and specifies the challenges and priorities in key industry sectors. Chairman of HSENI, Derek Martin outlined that: “The outcomes we are seeking can only be achieved by working with our industry partners. This draft Plan sets out what HSENI see as safety and health priorities in each of the sectors and we are asking industry representatives and professionals to engage with us so that, together, we can agree a shared list of priorities for each sector for the next 5 years”

A copy of the Corporate Plan 2018-2023 is available here.

The closing date for comments is on 29th June 2018.

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