Water Schematics

Water system schematics are required for all water services on site which are capable of creating an aerosol and where the water may potentially exceed 20°C.   The requirement to produce schematics of a buildings water services is laid down in ACOP L8 sections 33, 53, 68, 81 and 88.

What are the benefits?

Detailed water system schematics can be of benefit in the following ways:

  • Provides easy identification of all major plant and assets on site which may produce a risk with regard the growth and dissemination of Legionella bacteria;
  • Provides a useful tool to aid operatives when carrying out any remedial works on the system or when carrying out a clean and disinfection of the system;
  • Allows easy identification of all valve locations and valve settings during normal plant operation and during emergency start-up and shutdown procedures;
  • Ensures identification of high-risk/problem areas on site such as dead-legs, bypass lines, intermittently used plant etc;
  • Easier to use and interpret than simple asset summary lists.
How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership can provide comprehensive schematics of a building’s water services to include:

  • All items of major plant and equipment such as cooling towers, cold water storage tanks, calorifiers, hot water heaters, pumps etc.;
  • All ancilliary water services plant such as valves (including valve settings during normal operation and if required valve settings during start-up and shutdown), strainers, expansion vessels, gauges etc.;
  • All associated water treatment plant such as chemical dosing drums and pumps, brominators, UV lamps, filters, softeners etc.

The S2 Partnership is a registered Legionella Control Association provider of water hygieneThe growth of bacteria in water systems is a common cause of potentially-fatal Legionnaires’ disease.  Recent outbreaks of Legionella have highlighted the need for stringent water hygiene risk mana... More management services including risk assessments, consultancy, training and analytical services.

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