Water Hygiene Quarterly Audit

A water hygieneThe growth of bacteria in water systems is a common cause of potentially-fatal Legionnaires’ disease.  Recent outbreaks of Legionella have highlighted the need for stringent water hygiene risk mana... More quarterly audit comprises a review of the current risk assessments, log books and on-site activities and practices regarding legionella control and air quality. Although the legal requirement is to review risk assessments every two years, or in light of significant changes on site, on medium to high risk sites it is considered best practice to carry out regular audits to ensure that suitable control is being achieved on-site and so the performance and efficiency of any contractors utilised can be monitored.

What are the benefits?

A water hygiene audit carried out by the S2 Partnership provides a number of benefits including:

  • monitoring the performance and efficiency of any contractors utilised on-site;
  • identifying errors/omissions and minor non-compliance on-site with regard to Legionella control and air quality before these may escalate into larger issues;
  • compliance with relevant legislation – specifically HSWA (1974), COSHH (1992), MHSWR 1999;
  • prevention/avoidance of an occurrence/outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal and as such if negligence is proved, a prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a distinct possibility; and
  • protection of the company’s reputation. Following recent outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, public awareness and media involvement continues to gain momentum.
How can the S2 Partnership help?

The S2 Partnership can provide a comprehensive service to audit and manage the level of legionella compliance/control on any site which involves the following:

  • audit of all Legionella and air monitoring control activities on-site, including all tasks carried out by subcontractors and to include an assessment of the competency of all people involved in the management and control of Legionella bacteria;
  • audit of the logbook including records of monitoring, maintenance and inspection within the written scheme, management responsibility, training records and risk assessment;
  • carrying out sampling to prove the effectiveness of control regimes including microbiological samples taken from tanks supplying drinking water and samples collected from showers/infrequently used outlets or areas of concern; and
  • on-site help and guidance with all issues pertaining to legionella control and air monitoring and delivery of on-the-spot training to site staff, when required.

The S2 Partnership is a registered Legionella Control Association provider of water hygiene management services including risk assessments, consultancy, training and analytical services.

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