Environmental Compliance Audit

What is it and why is it required?

An environmental compliance audit is a review of environmental legal compliance criteria on a particular site.

It takes into account what specific environmental aspects are present on site and therefore what is required by legislation in order to meet legal obligations.

As well as taking into account legal obligations, environmental compliance audits identify whether company procedures are being followed, particularly in line with environmental certifications such as ISO 14001. Measuring and demonstrating compliance is a key aspect to any environmental management system.

What are the benefits?

An environmental compliance audit identifies where current legal obligations are not being met and can be used as an opportunity to measure and improve compliance levels.

Used as a tool to identify trends in non-compliances an audit can help to detect gaps in staff knowledge to further develop training regimes to improve compliance.

An environmental compliance audit plays a key part in maintaining and achieving an ISO 14001 accreditation and ensuing an effective environmental management system.

Environmentally friendly business practices can reduce business risk, improve reputation and drive market opportunities whilst at the same time preventing the likelihood of an environmental incident.

How can the S2 Partnership help?

One of our experienced consultants will carry out a physical inspection of areas under the client’s control in addition to reviewing relevant environmental paperwork and provide an assessment of environmental compliance against legal and organisational requirements.

The environmental compliance audit report subsequently produced will identify any non-compliances supplemented by photographs where applicable.

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